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Version Information!


Version 1.15b:

  • Enabled parallel Dataset display in Hierarchical Clustering
  • Added Class Index to Hierarchical when column clustering is present
  • Fixed Shape vector issues in SAM
  • Fixed gz file bug for save archive
  • Fixed bugs with switching between Class vector displays
  • Fixed misc bugs

Version 1.11b:

  • Added Batch Processing
  • Added local column clustering to Hierarchical Clustering.
  • Added Euclidian distance choice for local column clustering in Hierarchical Clustering.
  • Fixed display issues for Replicate Column Combinging
  • Changed SAM to allow FDR up to 999%
  • Fixed misc bugs

Version 1.10b:

  • Added Node Flipping to Hierarchical Clustering
  • Improved SAM FDR Calculations
  • Fixed display issues for Linux version
  • Fixed misc bugs

Version 1.08b:

  • Added local Column Clustering option into Hiarchical clustering for viewing column clustering that is unique to the current cluster.
  • Fixed Bug introduced in Version 1.07b effecting Column Clustering in Hierarchical Clustering.

Version 1.07b:

  • Replicate Column Combining
  • Added Replicate Column Vector to support Replicate Column Combining
  • More rigorous data import handling
  • Changed memory model settings in Hierarchical Clustering
  • Added capability into SAM for sorting Shape Vector results by any vector type.
  • Fixed Gif save bug for really large images
  • Fixed Bug in Dataset View where small row info width resulted in wide gap
  • Fixed Bug introduced when Stanford Changed GO output.
  • Fixed Bug that launched wrong file for Tutorial to use your own data.
  • Fixed Bug with SAM for running Shape Vector.

Version 1.06b:

  • Added ability to create Classification and Shape Vectors inside GenePilot.
  • Added ability to create Shape Vector from results.
  • Added ability to select columns to include when creating a sub Dataset.
  • Added Gene Ontology Statistics Output
  • Fixed Misc Bugs

Version 105b

  • Increased Gene Ontology display maximum column count to 20.
  • Added ability to display any combination of Gene Ontology Types (3 types).
  • Added Dataset memory of Gene Ontology settings
  • Updated SAM to all for viewing: Only Correlated Data, Only Anti-Correlated Data, All Results.
  • Fixed Misc Bugs


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